Role of Cooperative Board of Directors:

  • Preserving the co-op’s character
  • Safeguarding assets
  • Hiring the manager
  • Setting cooperative policy
  • Distributing year-end financial benefits
  • Strategic planning
  • Self-evaluating their performance
  • Electing board officers
  • Appointing board committees

(USDA, Co-op Essentials. 2014.)

Essential Board Member Competencies:

  • Collaborative team player– puts good of whole over personal interests, has excellent communication skills
  • Dependable– timely and follows through with commitments
  • Creative problem-solver– sees many possibilities, thinks outside the box, innovates
  • Assertive– will speak their mind confidently and clearly, even if representing minority opinion

Required skills/experience:

  • Must be a co-op member/owner.
  • Experience with at least one of our programs:
    • Student
    • Teacher
    • Parent of student in youth program

*Currently, we are especially in need of self-defense workshop and parent/family of kids program participation.

  • Clear understanding of and commitment to our cooperative’s mission/vision of helping our community grow safer, stronger, together.

Preferred skills/experience:

  • Business/non-profit/cooperative management or board membership
  • Financial/accounting, Marketing/sales, Legal, HR, DEI or similar


Currently accepting applications through December 9th, 2o24 for 2 vacant seats. Board members serve a 2-year term (2025-26 for incoming board members) and meet monthly on the 2nd Saturday of the month 8-9am via Zoom.


Apply by Dec 9, 2024 for 2025-2026 term:

Please email your responses with a headshot attached to our office team at

Full (preferred) Name

Pronouns (optional)

Involvement at Underground (ex: amount time training, which programs, or teaching, which programs, or as a parent of kids in program, or as a “retired” student or parent)

Skills/experience relevant to board: (ex. Business, legal, HR, marketing, cooperatives, etc.)

Motivation to join board: (why do you want to participate)