Looking for a workout you’ll actually enjoy?

Our beginner-friendly kickboxing classes will help you feel safer, stronger and more connected to your body.

You won’t hear toxic fitness or diet culture here! We’re all about empowering folks to find joy in movement while learning self-defense skills in a supportive, inclusive community.

We are currently open for in-person classes for students who provide proof of vaccination. Masks are not required, but we support any individual who chooses to wear a mask.

See our schedule for a full list of course offerings.

Not sure what training to sign up for?

We aim to develop strength and personal power in a safe, supportive community setting. Our instructors and students come in all shapes and sizes and are welcomed and celebrated just as we are.

There’s a reason so many of our students have found martial arts and kickboxing at Villari’s to be the first fitness routine that they’ve made a long-term commitment to… ever.

An example of how we teach how to do push ups:

Equipment Needed For Class

To ensure safety, we require kickboxers to wear hand wraps or approved kickboxing gloves in order to hit bags with closed fists. Both are available for purchase at our studio starting at $10.

Our instructors will be available 15 minutes prior to the start of each class to teach (and reteach!) you how to wrap your hands correctly. Please don’t be shy about asking as many times as you need!

Handwrap Tutorial

What keeps our kickboxers coming back for more?

In brief: the instructors (they are all awesome; they make classes consistently informative, challenging, and fun; and they’re always willing to answer questions I have about techniques when I’m confused or curious for more information), the fantastic workouts, the stress relief I get from from hitting things in general, the re-centering that I get from hitting things in a controlled and focused way, the fact that I think I’m actually developing a bit of coordination for the first time in my life, and, finally, the sense of supportive community that I find at Underground whenever I’m there.

I love the instructors and I love that I’m always learning something new. It never gets stale. You get what you put in. It makes me feel stronger and more confident. I come back because I love it!!

Underground helped this lifelong exercise hater change her ‘tude! The instructors are friendly, encouraging and really good at keeping things interesting. I actually look forward to going to kickboxing, and I feel strong and powerful. If you’re looking for a fun and encouraging environment in which to get in shape, you should definitely join us.