SAFE: Self-Defense For Women, By Women

Proof of vaccination is required to attend in-person classes. ​

We currently offer 2 versions of our public SAFE: Women’s Self-Defense Course.

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What Makes SAFE Different From Other Programs

  • Hybrid program. Our online course includes lifetime support, so you can refresh your learning & skills any time.
  • Current, research-based information on the realities of violence against women. This is not about fear-mongering or imagining scenarios—our curriculum is grounded in facts.
  • Trained male practice attackers. We know that although most men don’t commit violence, most violence is committed by men. Our male practice attackers are trained to give realistic feedback, increasing students’ confidence in their abilities.
  • Female black belt instructor. Master Murphy’s curriculum includes simple, effective techniques accessible to women with no martial arts experience. Our instructors have years of martial arts training, but you don’t have to!
  • Options for continued practice. SAFE is an introductory workshop. To further develop your self-defense skills, we recommend Shaolin Kempo Karate. Just like hitting things? Try Kickboxing!​

I just walked home tonight with the most confidence I’ve had in a long time. That self defense class went way beyond physical for me. I’m a naturally nice and sweet girl and when our instructor was talking about people targeting victims, I can think of so many times that that has been me. Thankfully I put myself in positions most of the time where I have a big strong brother or someone else to protect me, and I’ve been pretty unharmed. However this class taught me so much about how it’s not only right, but okay to stand up for myself. It’s okay to say no and it’s not just being paranoid. People can be a******s and I need to be the one that makes sure they aren’t a******s to me. I had small expectations for this class, but now I’m recommending it to everyone! … It was honestly amazing and will change this summer for me!

I took a self defense class with Underground and it was perfect. I learned about ways you can intervene before an attack and lots of great physical and verbal interventions you can do to ward off an attacker and they even had real male “attackers” so you got great practice trying the interventions. Great class. Highly recommended!

I took the woman’s self defense class here, what a great and informative experience! The staff are wonderful, very knowledgeable and kind. The facility has an empowering and welcoming atmosphere. I would recommend Underground to anyone!

I’ve always been hesitant to take a self defense class. I was worried about getting an instructor who perpetuated rape culture while attempting to be helpful. Ali, who led the self defense class I took at Underground, was exactly the opposite. She was extremely knowledgeable, very aware of the myths around sexual assault and careful to avoid them, and also very sensitive to the needs and experiences of her students. She did a wonderful job of making sure that all of us were comfortable, even though the experience of physically defending ourselves against the male assistants (also really terrific instructors) could have been very daunting. All in all, it was a very empowering and educational experience. The opportunity to practice physical aggression was kind of a revelation! I left the class feeling reminded of the fact that yes, I have the ability physically fight back if necessary (how did I forget this?) but with the knowledge and skills to really make a hit count if I need it to. I feel more confident being on my own than I did before. Can’t recommend enough!

We agree that knowledge is power, right?

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