Teens Martial Arts Classes in Madison

It’s not too late for your teen to start martial arts as a beginner! Learning self-defense skills empowers young people to develop their confidence and sense of self. It’s a fun hobby that combines functional fitness, setting and achieving goals for personal growth, and a welcoming community. It can also help everyone in the family to feel more peace of mind as you prepare for the launch into adulthood, often away from home for the first time.

Teen Class

We encourage teens to join our adult classes throughout the week, but reserve Wednesdays 5-6pm just for teens. This specialized class allows young people to be themselves with their friends and get tailored instruction for their needs. An ideal schedule would combine the teen class with 1-2 adult classes each week.

We welcome beginner students ages 13-17!

Contact us or register below to get started with a trial class.

Two young teenage boys, one white and one Black, wearing black martial arts uniforms and green belts. They are standing in a martial arts stance and delivering a back fist in the air.

Self-Defense Workshops:

Not interested in regular training, but you’d like to learn some self-defense? Teens ages 14+ are welcome in our women’s and men’s self-defense workshops. We also plan to offer a teen-specific workshop in the near future. Join our monthly email newsletter to stay up to date with upcoming opportunities.

Would you like a private workshop for your school or organization? We can tailor a custom workshop to any size group. Book a private workshop here.

Join a Self-Defense Workshop:

SAFE Women’s Self-Defense (14-adult)

8-hour hybrid self-defense course

SAFE is offered in either 2 or 4-week sessions. This is a comprehensive empowerment self-defense course that teaches interpersonal skills like situational awareness, boundary setting and assertive communication along with the physical skills to fight back if necessary. This includes lifetime access to our online course so you can preview and review everything you learn with our instructional videos.

Men’s Self-Defense (14-adult)

90-minute introductory self-defense workshop

Men and boys face distinct dynamics when it comes to facing violence, and this course addresses that context. Learn basic self-defense mindset and skills including blocking and striking in a short, fun workshop.

Values we teach

Groups Icon showing several figures in karate clothes implying group classes or workshops Underground Self-Defense

Treating people the way they want to be treated.

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Doing what you know you should, even if nobody is making you do it.

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Using your body and voice the way you want to.

Our position on bullying and self-defense

We don’t currently teach an explicit anti-bullying curriculum. Instead, we offer experiential learning opportunities in bodily autonomy, identifying personal boundaries, assertive communication, and yes, physically fighting back. However, if a student brings up bullying (which happens on occasion) we do pause class to discuss as a group.

We do teach, explicitly, that everyone has the right to defend themselves. This means if anyone, another young person or an adult, tries to hurt or control you, it is right to run, scream, or fight back even to the point of hurting someone. Even if it is against the rules.